Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Good for your body

Going for a run physical Playing a sports game with others social

 Going to church, the marae, temple spiritual Listening to your favourite music spiritual

 Eating fresh fruit and vegetables physical

 Learning from a grandparent or caregiver social, spiritual, physical

 Taking part in a cultural club or activity physical, spiritual and emotional

 Getting enough sleep mental, physical

 You and your older brother have been given some money to buy food for you and your younger siblings for the next few days. You are tempted to buy take away, but you have to buy enough food for breakfast, lunch (for school/pre-school) and dinner for two days. It well be spiritual, mental, physical. You are having a really bad day and feel yourself getting angry and

upset. You had a small argument with a friend earlier in the day, but you are now really angry at them. The bell will be ringing in ten minutes and you will have to sit next to this friend. What could you do? mental/emotional

 You have just changed schools and are missing your old friend and activities.
At your old school you played for the school rugby team, but you have not played sport here, except for in P.E. social/whanau, spiritual, mental/emotional, physical

 You are Tongan, but your parents were born and grew up in New Zealand. They taught you English since you were born so that you would find New Zealand life easier, but they did not teach you much Tongan. At school you see other students speaking Tongan and participating in Tongan clubs and dancing. Although you feel happy in New Zealand, you wish you could connect to your Tongan roots. social/whanau, spiritual, mental/emotional,physical

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