Monday, 27 August 2018

My interview with Yohan and Wallace

(JOF) How do  you feel about losing to former  hurdler Warren Weir?

(Spearmon) I am disappointed and  don’t ask me  a  question like that .

(JOF) do you think that you got  what it takes to beat bolt and Blake in the 100m   race?

(Spearmon)What do you think.


(JOF) One more question what do you need to work on?

(Spearmon) Just on my turn and thats all now get lost.

Image result for wallace spearmonJOF: How did you feel coming second ?
Blake: I feel disappointed about coming second but at the same time it feels good running against bolt and giving him a challenge .

Image result for yohan blake
JOF: Coming from Jamaica how does it feel running in London ?
Blake:  It feels real good it is not  that hot here so I think it makes me  run faster.

JOF: What do you need to work on?
Blake: Nothing man!

JOF: Who do you think of  when you race?

Blake: I  think of my  family. They keep me confident and calm.