Friday, 10 June 2016

Will he save her

It was in the middle of summer the heat is like a toaster from a far distance.Tony Stark was burning in his iron suit and then Whiplash comes out of nowhere wiping everybody . Then whiplash finds peppa and captured her she has been whip badly . Iron man comes as fast as he can when he found all about it.

  He found has hidden lab and it started a big fight Iron man vs Whiplash who would win. Whiplash takes the first hit and miss Iron man and then Iron man blast’s whiplash in the arm ‘whiplash takes one more whip and gets Iron man bad. Boom goes Iron man out the window Iron man recover. Iron man his come back into the hidden lab iron man is so angry he killed whiplash.
Peppa is saved and iron man is badly injured. Everybody is happy.

Everybody is having a party for iron man's victory against Whiplash.

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