Friday, 24 July 2015

My Hoildays

Yes it is the holidays! In the holidays I went to the Glen Innes pools with my mates. We packed our stuff to go to the pools. We got changed in the changing rooms and we got into the pool.We made a game up. It was lots of fun.
 We played relays and whoever lost had to do freestyle around the pool. I lost by miles.Then we had lunch. We had fish and chips and fizzy drinks. We also some lollies .I started to play some rugby and I won this rugby game. It was so much fun and I did a bomb in the pool. My mates were very good at doing flips under water.
 I could not do it. It is so hard to do. I tried but I failed I was so close to doing it. Then we played some ball tiggy. It was funny and fun. I tried to do chest ups 30 times . Then it was DJ’s turn we were laughing at her when she did it. We got some goggles from the life guard and we had a breathing challenge and I came last. After that we got out of the pool and got changed. On the way home we played tag.

 I had lots of fun at the pools. I hope I can go to the pools again.

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