Thursday, 18 June 2015

Blindfold Game

“Have you played the blindfold game before”!This morning our literacy class played it . Miss Lavakula put pieces of paper on the floor. Miss Williamson put down bowls of rice with golden safety pins in it . You have to sit in front of the bowls of rice and safety pins . Miss Lavakula put on the google timer for one minute. You put a blindfold on and pick up as many safety pins as you can. Then it was me , Alex , Andrew , Tavake, and Montel. I thought it was so embarrassing because people laugh at us when we got zero. Then it was Adrian, Koinsi, sheena , Aysha, and Jennifer Miss lavakula started the google timer they raced to get as many as they can. This is there Points Adrian got 4 , Koinsi got 4, sheena got 3 ,Aysha got 3 , and Jennifer got 6 .There `all were embarrassed. .

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