Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Chocolate Game

Have you played the chocolate game before? This morning our class room played the chocolate game. Miss Lavakula put a plate with chocolate and paper on the floor. She put a knife and fork on the plate too. This is how to play the chocolate game. Everybody has to sit in a large circle. If you don’t roll a six you have to pass it on and if you roll a six on a dice you have to get up and put on six items .You have to cut the chocolate with a knife and fork. I did not want a turn to put on the silly items because it was embarrassing . I just sat and watched the other people dress up in the items. Then I rolled a six and I put on the green wig and the black sunhat. The chocolate was saying “eat me, eat me” While we played, I was laughing at Matin when he put on the coconut shells on. He looked funny When Montel rolled a six he dressed up quickly and grabbed the chocolate and ate it. I didn’t know if he was wearing six items .it happen all so suddenly. I felt embarrassed because it was embarrassing the end.

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