Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cross Country run

On Thursday all of us were gathered together on the warm concrete under the blazing sun. We were melting like a piece of ice . All of us were waiting for the race to start and I saw some people wearing silly wigs and amusing costumes. All the house captains jumped up in front of the crowd. with them .After that they cheered on their teams. Heps the children cheered with them and they were shouting like the lion. After the starter clap, I bolted across the line I sprinted my hardest and I never gave up even though I was so exhausted Little drops of water were running down my face . I kept on sprinting when I was fighting the pain in my leg. It was so seoay I couldn't help it I was so tired to d. Then I felt a little bit of wind pushing across everyone but the wind stopped and I kept on running. When I was sprinting I saw some birds flying and running with me and they were cheering for me too. So I ran towards the finish line. when I crossed the finish line I felt so exhausted.

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