Friday, 30 October 2015

Word Problems

Use our knowledge of fractions to help us solve word problems.

Friday, 16 October 2015

P.E.S Survivor

This  term our inquiry is " Survivors". We are going to be learning  about animals, creatures and living things  and  how they adapt to  survive in their  environment.

Word Problems

Walt: Use our knowledge of fractions to help us solve word problems

Jonathan Holiday

In the holiday I went to Riverside camp, it is only for one week with all the Riversiders at school. It was a long bus ride to Willow park.

 We finally got to willow park. We had to go to the rima room to get into our teams, my team was called BWA that stands for brother’s with attitude.after we had free time we played on the trampoline and some of us played tennis. Then we had lunch it was nachos after our lunch we had more free time.Then we had a yummy scrumptious dinner.

 On Tuesday we woke up at 7am we had to do fitness. After fitness we had to read a booklet about God. Then we had breakfast. I had muesli. After that we played lots of wet games. Then we had morning tea it was cookies and water. Then we play with the willow park toys. Are the quad bikes , green machines , mini golf, and tennis.

 I love Riverside camp it is so fun. I would like to go back to camp.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Walt: Use the text to help us accurately answer questions